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Naptex RF is a field and lab-proven protective garment system for personnel RF (radiofrequency) protection. Naptex represents an excellent alternative for accessing RF radiation areas such as broadcast towers and communications sites which exceed safe unprotected levels.

nsp's Naptex PM-30 RF fabrics have been used in protective garments worldwide for over 15 years, acknowledgement by both the FCC and OSHA for safe, effective RF field use. Naptex garments received a full complement of SAR tests by Ric Tell and Associates, under contract to Motorola.

NSP America partnered with UniTech Services Group in 2004 to manufacture, sell, and lease the Naptex RF garment system in the U.S.. UniTech is a major leasing and laundry service provider for nuclear protective clothing and their expertise lends itself well to the RF garment product line.

UniTech engineered several refinements to the garment. Changes include a close-profile hood, knit socks, textile screen replacing steel version, elastic at coverall back and cuffs, snap cuff closures replacing Velcro, gusseted pockets, and side opening to access pockets of street clothing


For information and pricing,
visit UniTech's RF Safety site at


or call their Dallas office at (972) 899-3325. 



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