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In Life and Work

  • Build ways for the creative spirit to infuse your life, relationships and work.
  • Coaching for individuals, couples, work teams and organizations.
  • Two coaches, both artists and psychotherapists, team up to bring you a selection of powerful classes, trainings and coaching opportunities designed to bring you to an intensive encounter with your own creativity, in an atmosphere of mutual support and inspiration.

What are teleclasses?

Teleclasses are a very convenient and wonderful way to participate in a program. One calls into a specific phone number at a given time, and is connected to the class leaders and other class members on a bridge line. The mutual support and inspiration that can be built during these sessions is remarkable. Travel time and parking are eliminated and you can be connected to fellow learners from all over the United States and the world. Each class is limited to 15 participants.

Classes are facilitated by Ruth Hofstatter and Susan B. Crew. Both have extensive experience with this form of learning and find it to be a very effective medium.

Exercises, experiments and tools to foster the creative process are part of each class. Activities designed to deepen the work are offered. You leave the class with tools and practices to continue your work on your own.

FREE! Try a sample teleclass! Contact us by phone or email to sign up!


Making Your Life Your Work of Art: Creativity Fundamentals

  • Plug into your creative process. Create an expanded life. Come to know that life is more about flow and contribution than work and struggle. Unblock and nurture the artist within. Dare to speak your dreams out loud. Begin to take the small and gentle action steps that bring forth support from the universe. Experience the weekly support of a group of people exploring this path. The required text is Julia Cameron s The Artist s Way. The required commitment is to yourself, and includes weekly reading, daily writing, and other play tasks. A high degree of self-care is encouraged during this formative process. 8 weeks. Fee: $120

Tapping the Creative Flow: Fairytales, Myths and Legends

  • We use fairytales, myths and legends to dip into the creative process and build on the goals of Creativity Fundamentals. Reading tales, using imagery, writing and drawing are tools to access our creative flow. We draw on the work of Clarissa Estes (Women Who Run With the Wolves), Robert Bly (Iron John), and others. Before each class, you will receive a story, suggestions for experiments and other resources, which we will use for self-exploration in the class. 6 weeks. Fee: $90

Tapping the Creative Flow: Poetry

  • In this teleclass, poetry is the tool we use to tap the creative flow. Our knowledge of ourselves increases as we explore this medium. We experiment with poetry-writing exercises that are both fun and freeing. Discover the poet within and experience how this deepens our appreciation of the here-and-now. This medium can expand and create wonderful flow in other areas of our lives. 6 weeks. Fee: $90

Tapping the Creative Flow: Gods and Goddesses

  • Which Gods and Goddesses are most active in your psyche? Which aid your creative process? Which are calling you to more active and conscious relationships? We use the ideas of Carl Jung, Jean Bolen (Goddesses in Every Woman; Gods in Every Man) and Carol Pearson (The Hero Within) to explore these questions through stories,,Active Imagination, writing and drawing. Tap into the power of these archetypal forces! 6 weeks. Fee: $90

Tapping the Creative Flow: Dreams and the Rapture of Being

  • In our dreams we are artists; we create plots, story lines, images, even songs and scientific ah-ha s . Or perhaps it is more accurate to say we are created alongside our dreams. Whether we consider ourselves the creator of the dream or the dream as a message from our creator, the dream itself remains a conduit of creative flow. Tapping into your dream life pulls you into this flow. We use various tools and exercises to work with our dreams during this class. 6 weeks. Fee: $90

Tapping the Creative Flow: Encountering the Shadow

  • On the path of becoming and creating who we are, integrating the unknown parts of ourselves is key. We do this through developing awareness of our shadow parts and making conscious choices about behavior. Awareness can be cultivated through dreamwork and what Jung called Active Imagination. We suggest ideas to pursue as support each other in this process. 6 weeks. Fee: $90

Tapping the Creative Flow: Unblocking and Filling the Well

  • This group is for the artist experiencing a blocked or dry period. Visual artists, dancers, writers, sculptors, designers, craftsmen, architects, etc are all welcome. We use numerous tools and experiments from all the classes to support, inspire and challenge each other. Ongoing. Contact us for more information!


Individual Coaching

  • Individual coaching is available for anyone interested in increasing the creative flow in their life and work. This can be in-person or by phone and e-mail. It can be a stand-alone or as an adjunct to the teleclasses.

Relationship Coaching

  • Relationship coaching helps couples create the relationship they desire. Create a vision of the relationship you want, deal with obstacles, and nurture the creative spirit within the relationship. Also appropriate for workplace relationships, where the goal is to improve communication and facilitate working well together. Coaching is done in-person, by phone or a combination of both.

Organizational Coaching and Training

  • The focus is on bringing the creative spirit into the workplace. New problem-solving skills, fresh ways of seeing things, thinking outside of the box are all outcomes of this work. The workshop environment encourages experiment, play and ingenuity in an atmosphere that is both supportive and challenging. Tailored to your group, work team or organization, these can be half-days, full-days or weekend retreats. Teambuilding, individual and relationship coaching can be combined with this training, also.


Inside you there's an artist
you don't know about&
say yes quickly, if you know,
if you ve known it from before the beginning
of the universe.

- Jalai ud-Din Rumi

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