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  • Do you feel trapped by money or lack of time?
  • Are you underliving your life?
  • Does your schedule reflect your priorities?
  • Would you like to change your life?
  • Make it happen!

Because our mission is to help people move into balance in their lives, we have developed our StartNow! Programs. These are simple, powerfully effective and affordable paths to creating specific changes in your life.


StartNow! Life in Balance

Step back and take stock. Evaluate your priorities, find surprising new perspectives and put a plan in place to create the future you've dreamed of.

StartNow! Financial Balance

How you manage (or don t) your money and financial future is the focus of this workshop series. Combines nuts-and-bolts money management skills with the emotional and spiritual changes necessary to create a healthy and prosperous relationship with money.

StartNow! Body in Balance

Do you feel satisfied in your body? Do you have a healthy respect for your needs, such as regular exercise and nutritional balance? Though not specifically designed for weight loss, this program will address patterns and blocks to living fit. Learn how to feel good about yourself and improve your body image!

StartNow! Love in Balance

Do you feel stressed by your relationships or lack of them? If you long for high-quality relationships and deeper connections with others, this program is for you. Offered in two formats-for single people and for those already in relationships.

StartNow! LifeClutter

What stops you from getting started? Do you feel drained by your life rather than energized? Are you overwhelmed by details? This workshop is designed to free up your time and energy so you can go for what you really want in life!

These programs are offered as 6-8 week telecourses, one-day workshops and also are available in a one-on-one personalized format. Please call or email us for the schedule and more information. Bring StartNow! to you! We can customize any StartNow! program to suit your group s needs. If you are interested in this option, let's talk.  

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